The Original “Don’t Be A &itch” Workout

Some friends were coming over to workout in “The Gym” aka my basement, and I was trying to put something together that was new and fresh to keep us entertained, the day I was having required me to sarcastically title it…DONT BE A BITCH… I’ve revisited this workout many times but still like the original best, isn’t that always the way?

Don't Be A Bitch

When company joins me in “the gym” for a good sweat session I create stations by taping the individual pictures in separate locations. We set an interval timer, my fave is the free app on my smart phone “HIIT Timer”, crank the music and KILL IT!!! I prefer to workout with company, it keeps me motivated and I push myself to be better (ya, I’m a little competitive like that). How about you? Do you fly solo or sweat it out with a few friends?

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How to Instantly Better Your Strength and Conditioning Performance…Seriously!

A great article for anyone looking to instantly increase performance! John Sifferman, CST Coach, CST-KS Health-First Fitness Coach explains how, simply by using joint mobility exercises!

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No Plyo Box? No Problem!!

Added a new piece of equipment to my arsenal.

Added a new piece of equipment to my arsenal.

Created a workout today that required me to do box jumps, the problem? I don’t have a plyo box and didn’t have the time or the money (I hate spending money) or the desire for that matter, to go buy one. The solution? I made my own! Took a little walk around the property to see what I could use… Found a scrap piece of plywood in the garage…Found a couple of empty 5 gallon buckets out behind my husbands metal fabrication shop! Now I’ve got a plan coming together all I needed were 2 junk 2×4 pieces and I would be in business (back to the garage)!  Wait…I bet your thinking…if your husband owns a metal fab business why don’t you have him form one up out of steel??? Why are you using wood? The answer is simple, He’s not here and I need it now, I’m an independant daughter of a wood booger (I just married the metal guy)! Snuck into the shop to “borrow” some deck screws and the drill!     My Daddy taught me well 🙂


plyo box

What lengths have you gone to in order to do a workout you really liked??

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Todays Workout: “The Kitchen Sink” Using my new Plyo Box!

I’m back to creating more workouts to keep me from getting bored! Named this one “The Kitchen Sink” because it has everything but the kitchen sink in it! Admit it: that made you smile!

The Kitchen Sink

1:00 work  :20 rest

  6 Rounds

Box Jumps

Pull Ups

Strength Band Pull Backs**

Reaching Plank

Chest Press On Stability Ball

** Wrap a strength band (or two) around a pole or fixed object slide a stick (or broom handle) through the handles. Lie on back with feet at base of pole and knees slightly bent. Grasp stick with both hands and perform a sit up while raising arms above head. I promise I’ll take a video of myself doing this soon as I couldn’t locate a demo on YouTube.

kitchen sink

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Didn’t have a lot of time this morning to prepare breakfast so I reached for my blender and created the “SIMPLE GREEN” smoothie. For those of you counting calories, my calculations total 242 calories and it made enough to fill 1.5 glasses.



1 Green Apple

1/2 C Yogurt

1 C Spinach

2 Celery Stalks

1 T Wheat Germ

1 T Flax Seed Meal

1/2 C Green Grapes Seedless

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100% Natural Cough Suppressant Lollipops

Cold season is in full swing in my house I was struggling to find relief for my son who has had a horrible cold for darn near three weeks! I scoured the net and ended up creating a 100% Natural Cough Suppressant for my three-year old that he would actually like! It consists of two ingredients: Honey and Lemon.

The health benefits of honey are endless including as a cough suppressant. In a study done by the Mayo Clinic, it appeared to be as effective  as a common cough suppressant ingredient, dextromethorphan, in typical over-the-counter doses. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that using local honey is best. Lemons have strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers! They contain many substances that promote immunity and fight infection (citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene).

finished lollipops

Honey-Lemon Lollipops

1-2 Cups Honey

Juice From 1 Lemon

Candy Thermometer

(you can also drop a small bit of honey into cold water, if it turns into a hard ball its ready)

Popsicle Sticks

(can go without and make lozenges)

Lollipop Mold

(optional, slowly pouring the honey onto one end of the stick on parchment paper will work also)


Boil honey for approximately 12 minutes, it needs to reach  approximately 300 degrees for a hard candy, if it boils too long it will burn and taste disgusting (trust me, I know).

As soon as it comes to temperature remove it from heat and add the lemon juice.

Pour into molds or onto parchment paper.

Let cool and enjoy!

Lollipop tray

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Snow Day Birdhouse Project with My Boy

Its snowing to beat the band here and we won’t be going out to play in it until after nap time so I needed to come up with entertainment this morning…Decided to make a birdhouse using stuff we  had around the house. Let the mess begin!

bird feeder supplies

To make this we used:

    Old container for the feeder

    Empty carton of eggs for the paint

    Skewers for the birds to stand on




   Container for brush rinsing water

I recomend using a weather resistant paint but I am still finding little splats of paint from a project we did at Christmas so we are sticking to washable. We hung our feeder in a sheltered location to get longer life out of it.

Yes, in our house we always do art projects in our underwear! We've been known to cook in our undies also!

Yes, in our house we always do art projects in our underwear! We’ve been known to cook in our undies also!

I'm sure my boy will be a famous artist when he grows up!

I’m sure my boy will be a famous artist when he grows up!


Wash and dry the container.

Cut out holes in all four sides.

Pour paint into egg container slots for easy no mess clean up (seriosuly the best use of egg containers ever).

Hand the kid a brush and stand back!

When the paint has dried pierce the birdhouse under each hole and slide the skewers through.

Fill with seed.

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