My Webster’s II New Riverside Desk Dictionary, Home and Office Edition (yes, I still have one. Complete with yellowed pages from 1988) defines FRUGALITY as economical and thrifty.

I tell you this because the word itself was quite foreign to me until July 31, 2012…my last day at a very well paying job that I had held for over 14 years. The word FRUGAL might as well have not existed at all between the words fructose and fruit on page 170 of that book collecting dust in my office. You see, when I became a mother my “carreer woman” plan started to self destruct. The more hours I worked the more I missed my little boy. A fear began to creep into my mind ever so slowly: That I would pick my son up from “school” (I call it school because it makes me feel better than saying “daycare”) and his teacher would tell me that he rolled over for the first time, or took his first steps, or said his first word, or got his first boo boo, or slept for more than 30 minutes straight (he has never been a good sleeper), or held his bottle by himself, or made his first friend! You get the point……….I WAS GOING TO MISS ALL THE FIRSTS…SOMEONE ELSE WOULD BE RAISING MY LITTLE MAN!! Well that was just plain unexceptable and would NOT happen to me! So it only took two and a half years of gradually reducing my hours and continually nagging to convince my husband that this was a good plan. In the end I got to quit my job and start becoming a better Mom.

Now, let me tell you something…I had no experience with not having money. This is a new adventure for us! Sometimes its scary and I stress a lot but most of the time it is fun to find new uses for old things! This page is about both. I will share my money saving tactics with you and I encourage you to share yours with me!

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