Bad Timing for Insanity and Tough Mudder: But I will press on.

Let me give a little background here…I’ve been exercising and completing “mud runs” in pain for over a year…Thats BAD, I know, I know. But I’m stubborn and determined and…well…just plain STUPID! The knee pain started after I’d been working out heavily for ten months so it was definitely an “overworked” issue, but how did I expect it to go away without giving the time it needed to heal? Wishful thinking I guess! About a month after the miniscule, itty bitty, teeny tiny (seriously, it was no big deal) pain started I completed my first TOUGH MUDDER and guess what? Yup, you got it…all those “hills” killed it! My knee hasn’t been the same since *insert sniffle here*. Now mind you, I’ve thought about having it looked at…many times…but…well…ok, I’ll be honest…I was afraid of what they would say. I didn’t want to be told I had to stop! Not that I would listen anyway.

Flash forward to the present…

Four days into my INSANITY CHALLENGE and I get the opportunity to have a highly recommended physical therapist check me out! And by opportunity I mean seriously it landed in my lap, like someone reached out and slapped me, I had to go…and really, the pain was getting worse and much more frequent. But what is she tells me I have to stop my Insanity Challenge??!!?? I can’t do that to my team! They need me…ok, I need them, but the real kicker? Tough Mudder is in 11 weeks!!! *GASP*

4 DAYS IN!!!

4 DAYS IN!!!

2012 Tough Mudder

So I go…because secretly, I know there is something really wrong and I have to get it looked at! She spends 2 hours poking and prodding and hmmm-ing and ah-ing. It was a workout in itself: up, down, sit, squat, roll over, squeeze this muscle, relax that one! I was thinking: Yikes! What have I done to myself!?!?!

The results???? Not at all what I expected!!! The problem wasn’t my knee!!! It all stems back to a muscle connecting my inner hip to my pelvic floor and thanks SO MUCH to my son because between him and my wonderful delivery doctor (seriously, she was amazing given the circumstances) it was all SCREWED UP and never healed. Long story short, this muscle isn’t working very well so a bunch of other muscles have taken up the slack for, well lets see…THREE YEARS!  So 10 months into working out these muscles have had enough and can’t take it anymore! Enter: The Knee Pain and Low Back Discomfort!

The good news is she has given me lots of “work” to do and I have one week to accomplish some things or she’s cutting my 6 day a week workouts down to three (That can’t happen because I HAVE to finish INSANITY with my team) and NO Tough Mudder. So I’m being a good doobie and doing what I’m told!

Stay Tuned, and PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!!!!!!!

Just a mother of a toddler who has decided it is time to take care of herself and in turn take care of her family.

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One comment on “Bad Timing for Insanity and Tough Mudder: But I will press on.
  1. Laura says:

    Fingers and toes are crossed!!

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