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Live HIIT Fitness

Here is 4 moves to hone in on your abs and work them to the max!

Suggest to train your abs first during any workout while you are not too fatigued to achieve the best results. Still warm up as you would normally.

Hanging Leg Raises
Either a dipping station or pull up bar, self-explanatory. Hang and raise your legs to waist height at least. Keep your legs straight and slower the better, especially on your way down.

Twisting Crunch with KB
Light Kettle bell to crunch with, sit up position, rotate KB from left to right touching the ground each time. 5 fast, 5 slow reps,

Knees to Elbows
Lay flat on your back, knees to elbows one after the other.

Rotating Plank
Plank position, arms straight. Move to the left, to the right and forward. Move a hand width each time. If you do this right, it will…

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