Don’t Be A &itch Workout Revisited – Tabata Style!!

I created a workout last month that I aptly named Don’t Be A Bitch, I was having one of those days that I really didn’t want to exercise and I was extremely irritated with things that were going in my life (ever had one of those?). It included 4 rounds of 6 exercises. Each exercise was done for 45 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. The whole thing was finished with a 1 minute plank. Well today I pulled that workout from my binder and decided to rework it…Tabata Style!  I eliminated a Kettlebell Push Press and added Pull-Ups in its place for strength purposes and added a killer Plank Finisher that a friend shared with me!

Don’t Be A Bitch ~Tabata Circuit~

: 30 work   : 10 rest

Repeat each exercise 3 times before moving on.

 I make sure I have enough time between exercises to recover and hydrate for optimal performance!!

Kettlebell Swings

Prisoner Squats

Plank  Row with Knee Tuck to Wide Jump (video in link will show this exercise at minute 3:21)

Two Arm High Pull

Pull Ups

Stability Ball Pike

Just a mother of a toddler who has decided it is time to take care of herself and in turn take care of her family.

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2 comments on “Don’t Be A &itch Workout Revisited – Tabata Style!!
  1. […] the day I was having required me to sarcastically title it…DONT BE A BITCH… I’ve revisited this workout many times but still like the original best, isn’t that always the […]

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