Todays Killer Workout

Here is today’s workout…I just finished creating it and will be tackling it tonight with a few friends. What are you doing to get your exercise in today? Be sure to follow All For A Boy on Facebook for more incredible workout inspirations!

~Warm Up~

30 Jumping Jacks                        10 Squats

20 Russian Twists                        10 Lunges each leg

5 Jump Squats                             30 Jumping Jacks


Back In The Saddle

:45 work  :10 rest /  4 Rounds


Twisting Line Squat Jumps

Sit-ups with band arm extension

Push Jacks with Band

Weighted Fireworks (squat jump to stand with arms out)

Kettlebell Lunge with Twist

Body Saw/Pikes

***1 Minute Plank Finisher ***

If you don’t have sliders you can easily use paper plates when doing Body Saw/Pikes or any other Slider exercise such as mountain climbers!! Also, to do Push Jacks with Band I wrapped a strength band around the lally column in my basement, then I took a broom handle and slid it through the handles so it works just like a Rip Trainer!!

Just a mother of a toddler who has decided it is time to take care of herself and in turn take care of her family.

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